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7SS_French Revolutio

Newman - French Revolution

What did the need for gunpowder and weapons lead to? the storming of the Bastille
In 1789, who did King Louis XVI summon to primarily raise taxes to pay off the growing debt? the Estate General
Who made the Tennis Court Oath? representatives of the Third Estate
What did the Tennis Court Oath pledge? that the Third Estate / National Assembly would remain together until a Constitution was written
What was the ultimate fate of Robespierre? he was executed by the guillotine
What contributed to the French Revolution? the ideas of the Enlightenment
What did the Third Estate rebel and declare themselves? the National Assembly
What was an act of treason committed by Louis XVI? trying to escape France and head to Austria
What were members of the political faction favoring extreme change called? Jacobians
When did King Louis XVI leave Versailles for Paris? When his palace was surrounded by women demanding bread
Which estate in France's Estate General held the sole responsibility of paying taxes? the 3rd Estate
What was the attack on a Paris prison by enraged citizens called? the Storming of the Bastille
What led to the French Revolution? Financial crisis in France, the lavish spending of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and the inequality of the Estate system
When was Marie Antoinette, Queen of France from 1774-1792, executed> during the French Revolution
Define, absolute monarchy. a form of government headed by a ruler or monarch with unlimited power
What is the historic city in north-central France that contains the grand palace of Louis XVI and his court? Versailles
What is the 3rd Estate made up of? Bourgeoisie and Peasants
What was Napolean's new title after he took over control of the French government? emperor
What is a guillotine? a machine with a heavy blade sliding vertically in grooves, used for beheading people
What is the Reign of Terror? many people executed by guillotine
What are the three levels of the Estate General? Clergy, Nobility, & Commoners
What was the main reason that several thousand women marched on Versailles in October 1789? bread shortages in Paris
Under the Old Regime, who did the burden of paying taxes fall largely upon? the 3rd Estate
Define, secular. not subject to or bound by religious rule; not belonging to or living in a monastic or other order.
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