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The Byzantine empire

what did Christianity split into? roman catholic and orthodox
who is Justinian? a high ranking Byzantine nobleman who became emperor of the eastern empire after his uncle died in 527
who is Belisarius? Justinian's best general
what did Justinian do to recover Rome's glory? he sent Belisarius to recover North Africa from the invading German tribes
what language did most people speak? Latin and Greek
How did the Byzantine emperor rule? with absolute power they could appoint and dismiss bishop's at will
why did Justinian set up a panel of legal experts? so that they can regulate Byzantium's increasingly complex society
what did the panel create? a single uniformed code known as the Justinian code
what were the four works of the panel? the digest,the code,the institute and the Novellae
what happened to the code after Justinian died? it served the Byzantine empire for 900 years
where was Russia's first unified territory? west of the Ural mountains
what were the names of the three great rivers that run through the heart of the forest to the black sea? the Dnieper the Don and the Volga
what did the viking chief do in 862? he founded Novgorod Russia's first most important city
Who was Oleg ? he was a nobleman from Novgorod
what did Oleg do ? he moved from Novgorod to Kiev close to the Dneiper river
when did Olga's grandson come to the throne?and what did he consider? he came to the throne in 980 and he considered conversion to Christianity
when did Vladimir's son come to the throne? what was his name? his name was Yaroslav the wise and he came to the throne in 1019
How did Yaroslav make Kiev's glory even bigger? he married off his sisters and daughters skillfully and because of that he forged many important trading alliances and he created a legal code tailored to Kiev's commercial culture.
what was Yaroslav's biggest mistake? he divided his land to his sons (gave them different territories to rule)instead of following tradition by giving his eldest sons everything and it was his biggest mistake because when he died his sons ripped the state into pieces
who were the Mongols?what did they do?when? they were a furious group of horsemen from central,Asia they attacked Russia in the year1200
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