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sped terms

sped training terms

Study Skills promotes student achievement, has values, topics,instruction w/reading, listening, note taking, outlining, report writing, oral presentation, graphic aids,etc.
Social Skills critical assessmt identify those who lack ability to perform in social setting,can't maintain behaviors in various ings,difficulty developing relationships,hard to participate in activities with others autism, emotional disabilities, GT, hearing and visio
Self management spans all groups, maintain control one’s self to generalize skills learned in many settings –child w/MR may mean capable of using funct life skills in group home–emotional disab mean ability to control behaviors during a bball game
Instructional components formats according to individuals, environment, and instruct content facilitated groups, cooperative learning situations, peer tutoring, one to one, small grps, large grps segregated setting, inclusive, groupings, functional needs, ESL,literary acquisition , self-care/daily living skills, voca skills. Choose best for each
Small Groups instruction helps students learn to generalize skills more quickly, social interact,flexible involve w/teach,learn from others, through gen ed,resource rooms, pull out models, self contained
Functional needs train students with except needs to be competent w/everyday living, then generalize those skills. Reduces dependence on others, allows chance to participate in LRE. Skills-dressing, toileting, eating, simple sight words, managing self in familiar environ
Functional academics- focuson basic educational concepts useful in daily life, basic reading using survival sight words, basic math w/money, time, basic writing name, address, and phone number
Functional curriculum emphasize skills needed to perform adequately in commun, usually with MR, autism, other moderate – severe conditions
Functional skills independent living skills – self care, social, employment, vocational, recreation
Functional language skills used to make a basic need or desire known
Functional literacy –communication and language person needs live independently in community
Community based instruction include hand-on, interactive opportunities in vocational & life
Supported employment recommended method used w/student who has more severe conditions
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