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Hernan Cortes/Aztecs

New World the Americas
Old World Europe
New Spain Spain's colonies in North America
Peru Spain's colonies in South America
Hernan Cortes conquistador who defeated Aztecs
Montezuma Aztec emperor
New France France's colonies in North America
New Sweden Sweden's colonies in North America
New Netherland Dutch colonies in North America
New England four English colonies in North America
Henry Hudson claimed present day New York and parts of present day Canada
Northwest Passage a waterway connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
electoral college a group of people from each state who officially vote for a president
the popular vote the number of votes a candidate receives
candidate someone who is running for elected
politics has to do with governing-making and enforcing laws
colony a territory ruled by another country
mission a religious community where priests teach Christianity
convert to change a religion
hacienda a large Spanish farm
presidio a Spanish fort
Bartolome de las Casas Spanish priest who spoke out against the treatment of the Native Americans
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