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History 8 ch 18

Limited Liability investors(stockholders) can only lose the money they invest in a corporation; limited risks
Immigration In the late 1800’s many immigrants came from Europe looking for work in the United States; they were helped by immigrant-aid societies that helped them get shelter, clothing, and an education
Assimilation the process of becoming part of another culture; some believed immigrants were too different and would not be able to assimilate
Henry Ford invented the assembly line and mass-produced the automobile
Orville and Wilber Wright invented a flying machine that led to the airplane
Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, phonograph and many other things; his invention of the power plant allowed electricity to be used
Social Darwinism philosophy that tied the principle of “survival of the fittest” to industry; embraced by factory owners
Pullman Strike railroad workers went on strike after wages were cut
“New” Immigrants Arrived from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s from southern and eastern Europe
Compulsory education laws most required student attendance through the 10th grade; needed to create a more educated workforce
Education As education increased more people began to read; newspaper and magazine readership increased dramatically leading to a growth in newspapers
Urbanization term for the growth of cities; technology, jobs, department stores, museums, professional sports, and many other things attracted many; many farmers migrated to the city to look for work
Industrial Growth Government supported industrial growth through land grants; high tariffs; and subsidies
Newspapers grew at this time because cities grew, more people could read, and newspapers offered a variety of features that attracted many(sports, fashion, etc.)
Settlement House community centers that offered services for the poor
Steel was stronger and cheaper then iron
Realism writers showed life as it really was
John D. Rockefeller made his money in oil; believed competition cost too much and hurt the economy
Nativists believed immigrants hurt the economy stole jobs from Americans
Inventions telephone and typewriter improved business and office work
Mass Production made possible by Henry Fords Assembly Line which lowered the cost of building an automobile; cars moved along a conveyer belt to each worker during the assembly line
Baseball most popular professional sport in America at the turn of the century
Skyscrapers Stronger steel and elevators allowed buildings to go up higher
Tenements apartment buildings in the city; problems included poor sanitation overcrowding, infant deaths
Yellow Journalism sensational news reporting of the late 1800’s; used to encourage readership
Collective Bargaining unions negotiate with management for workers as a group
Entrepreneur person who sets up a new business
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