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Topic 4

Writing the Constitution Test Review

What was the Original purpose of the Constitutional Convention of 1787? To Revise the Articles of Confederation and make them Stronger
At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which issue was resolved by the Great Compromise? Representation of Large and Small States in Congress
True of False: The Articles of Confederation had a Executive Branch/President False
What is not a freedom guaranteed by the Bill of Rights Prohibition of Slavery
Which form of Government did the Constitutional Convention decide to use Republic
The British had forced colonists to ___________ and carried out unreasonable ____________ of their homes. quarter troops, searches
In the United States Constitution, the principle of Popular Sovereignty holds that - the people hold the final authority by participating in the election process
The U.S. Constitution established checks and balances to - keep any branch from becoming more powerful than the others
what is part of the "Due Process of Law" Protection from cruel and unusual punishment
What is a responsibility of state government under federalism School System
What is this an example of: Congress passes a bill -> President vetoes the bill -> Congress overrides the Presidential Veto Checks and Balances
a government that incorporates popular sovereignty draws its power from the people
What best describes the importance of the 4th amendment to the U.S. Constitution? protection against unreasonable searches and seizures
Why did the U.S. experience a growth in Religious Denominations? The guarantee of religious freedom in the First Amendment
How did the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provide for the orderly expansion of the United States? It provided procedures for establishing territories and creating states.
Which scenario shows a violation of the Eight Amendment? A person is arrested and given bail that is considered excessive
Created by: ej1095
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