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Review of Amendments 4-5 & 6

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated... This is the opening of which Amendment? (Type the number e.g. One) Four
If a grand jury determines there is enough evidence to put a person on trial, they issue an ... Indictment
Who issues search warrants? Judge
You cannot be tried twice for the same crime Double Jeopardy
Which amendment guarantees you cannot be forced to testify against yourself? (Type the number e.g. One) Five
According to the Sixth Amendment, a jury is to be... Impartial
When your rights are read to you, they are called the ... Rights Miranda
You receive this when you are required to appear in court as a witness Subpoena
For a search to qualify as unreasonable, it must be conducted by a Government representative
A search is an action that violates a person's... Reasonable expectation of privacy
To issue a warrant, one must have... Probable cause
Which of the following is not in the 5th Amendment: Grand Jury, double jeopardy, or impartial jury? Impartial Jury
Which Amendment requires one to be informed of the accusation against him/her? (write the number e.g. One) Six
If an individual gives permission for an officer to conduct a search of the area s/he is in control of, it does not need a warrant. This is an example of a... Consent Search
Following an arrest, the police may make this type of search without a warrant if they reasonably believe that a dangerous accomplice may be hiding near where the related arrest occurred Protective sweep search
If a suspect has been legally arrested, the police may search the defendant and the areal within his/her immediate control without a warrant. This is an example of a(n) Search incident to arrest
If a police sees something (and is in a place s/he has the right to be in and the object is visible in this location), s/he does not need a warrant to seize it. What type of search is this? Plain view search
Created by: wwolfe