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history chapter 5 vc

reform and the progressive movement

national grange the national grange is an organization that promotes laws that are helpful to farmers
gold standard The gold standard was an economic idea in witch all paper money was backed by gold from the united states treasury
inflation inflation is a sharp quick rise in prices
depression a depression is a time when business activity is slow and many people a unemployed
civil service civil service jobs are jobs in the federal government
settlement house provides poor people with services such as english classes, summer camp for children, and day care for the children of mothers who work.
suffrage suffrage is the rite to vote
muckrakers writer who exposes political and social wrongdoings in business and in government. Muckrakers got their nicknames because they ranked up the muck, or dirt, in american life.
trustbusters a person who tries to break up and punish buisness trust
conservation conservation is the protection and wise use of earths natural recorses.
third party a third party is a political party other than the two main parties