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Washington and Adams

Review of the only Federalist Presidents

Genet Frenchman who encouraged American ship owners to become privateers and to attach guns to their vessels to attack British ships at sea
Hamilton Washington's Secretary of Treasury and creator of the nation's first financial plan
Jefferson Washington's Secretary of State from Virginia who believed in a strict interpretation of the Constitution
Bank of the United States Jefferson did not believe the government had the power to create this because it was not specifically mentioned in the US Constitution
So Help Me God Four words added by Washington to the end of the oath of office
Jay's Treaty Unpopular agreement negotiated with the British in an attempt to make them stop impressing American soldiers.
Pinckney's Treaty Popular agreement negotiated with the Spanish which gave the United States land in Florida and the right to use the Mississippi River and the port of New Orleans
Assumption Hamilton believed the federal government should pay off the pre-Revolution debts of the states. This is known as the _________ of states' debts.
Whiskey Rebellion This happened as the result of the passage of an excise tax on grain alcohol being produced by western farmers. The FEDERAL army put this event down!
New York City Location of George Washington's inauguration.
District of Columbia Location chosen for the new national capital after a bit of a compromise between Jefferson and Hamilton.
XYZ Affair Embarrassing event for Adams during which the French foreign minister refused to meet with American ambassadors sent to Paris to discuss impressment.
Impressment The forced taking of soldiers or sailors to serve in another nation's military.
Alien and Sedition Acts Passed by the Federalists to protect their image and to forbid criticism of Federalist policies.
Virginia and Kentucky Resolves Written by Adams' own Vice President and his buddy Madison to protest the unconstitutionality of the Alien and Sedition Acts.
Jefferson Adams' opposite party Vice President
Federalists One of the first two political parties - supported the policies of Hamilton, industry, banking, trade, and big cities
Democratic Republicans One of the first two political parties - supported the policies of Jefferson, strong state government, and the rural farmers.
Adams First President to live in the White House
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