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Utah's Peoples

Native Americans, Explorers and Pioneers

What are the the five tribes of Utah Native Americans? Utes, Goshutes, Shoshone, Paiute, Navajo
Which tribes are considered prehistoric? Fremont, Anasazi
When the LDS pioneers arrived in Utah in 1847, what country claimed ownership of Utah? Mexico
This group of Utah explorers made the most precise, scientific maps government explorers
This famous trapper was of African descent, had married a Native American woman, and wrote a famous autobiography James Beckwourth
When did Joseph Smith start the LDS Church? And what state was he living in when he did this? 1830 in New York
This trapper proved that there was no river that left the Great Salt Lake: Jedediah Smith
Beaver pelts were very valuable because beaver hats were highly fashionable
In Missouri in 1835, Governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued an "extermination order" against the Mormons. What did this mean? that the Mormon people were either to leave Missouri or be killed
This town, built by the LDS people, became the largest city in Illinois at the time: Nauvoo
In order to create accurate maps and reports on what they saw, government explorers (like Fremont) were trained to be experts on science
When Dominguez and Escalante met the Timpanogot Utes the two groups met peacefully.
When Brigham Young first saw the Salt Lake Valley, he said "This is the right place."
What made the LDS migration to Utah a record-setting event in US history? it was the largest group of people traveling together into the West
Name the LDS leader who has often been called the "American Moses" for leading his group on the long voyage to Utah. Brigham Young
The LDS Winter Quarters were in Nebraska
What revolutionized the Ute society? horse
The LDS religion started in New York
Native American shelters include Hogan, teepee, cliff dwellings, wicki-up
What does prehistoric mean? Before Europeans came to Utah and before written history
Examples of Native American food Beans, corn and squash, Local animals such as deer, antelope and rabbit, Local nuts, berries and roots
Dominguez and Escalante came to Utah to find a trade route from ___________________________ to _______________________________ Santa Fe to Monteray
The cut off between Ft. Bridger and Utah was called _________________ Hastings Cut off
Date first Mormons arrived in Utah on July 22. 1847
Name of Governor that issued “extermination order Lilburn Boggs
Had a city and river named after him Peter Skene Ogden and Etienne Provost
Wrote one of the earliest journals about Northern Utah saying the placae was full of huge black crickets and seagulls. Peter Skene Ogden
Met Ute Indians by Utah Lake and kept important journals on a journey from Santa Fe Fathers Dominguez and Escalante
Built a trading post in Wyoming Jim Bridger
First showed there were no rivers flowing out of the Great Salt Lake. Jedediah Smith
A hole to keep furs Cache
A party during the summers where mountain men would trade Rendezvous
Lived in Southeastern Utah around the four corners Navajo
Led a government science exhibition to make maps and measure the land John C. Fremont
Warlike and used horses Utes
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