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2016 1st Quarter Rev

Review of 1st Quarter Concepts

What was Peter Stuyvesant's nationality Dutch
Who provided labor for the Southern rice fields Enslaved Africans
How long did Queen Anne's war last 11 years
What law granted Catholics and Protestants the right to worship freely in Maryland Act of Toleration
What type of farming was used in New York Subsistence
People who paid for their passage to America with labor were called Indentured servants
The British agreed to recognize the United States as an independent nation after the Americans' victory at Yorktown
What act did the British government enact to try and stop smuggling Sugar Act
To prevent an outbreak of war with the Native Americans, Virginia governor William Berkeley Made an agreement with them
What made the American troops perform so well in such terrible weather The example of George Washington
Which failed plan written by Ben Franklin was calling for one general government Albany Plan of Union
What type of colonist sided with Britain Loyalist
The Proclamation of 1763 prohibited colonists from moving west of what area Appalachian Mountains
Who wrote Common Sense Thomas Paine
Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution William Penn
What militia group was led by Ethan Allen and defeated British troops in Vermont Green Mountain Boys
What was the cause of the slave trade Colonists needed a large work force on their plantations
The region of small farms close to the Appalachian Mountains was called Backcountry
Anne Hutchison was put on trial for what Dishonoring the colony's ministers and churches
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