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8th SS Chp 6


EUROPEANS The first _____________________ in Louisiana were Spanish explorers: Alonso Alvarez de Pineda and Hernando de Soto.
SPANISH The ___________ lost interest in the area when no gold or silver could be found.
LASALLE The French, led by Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de __ _____, wanted to find trade routes to Asia but discovered Louisiana instead.
MOUTH La Salle found the _____ (where a stream enters a large body of water) of the Mississippi river.
FRANCE April 9, 1682-La Salle claimed Louisiana for ______ and named it after King Louis XIV.
KILLED La Salle efforts to try and return to Louisiana to settle it ended when La Salles own men ambushed and ______ him on March 19, 1687.
FRENCH Twelve years after La Salle's death , the ______ were forced to act on their claim when the Spanish built a fort and settlement at Pensacola Bay near the Mississippi River.
d'IBERVILLE 1698- The king sponsored Pierre Le Moyne, Sieur __________ to settle Louisiana.
JEAN BAPTISTE In October 1698, Iberville, along with his brother ____ ________ left France with four ships.
SHIP Iberville and his men arrived on the Gulf Cost in January 1699 and established a settlement on ____ island.
MISSISSIPPI Iberville and his men reached the mouth of the ___________ River on March 2, 1699 and established Point Mardi Gras.
MAUREPAS The founding of Fort _________.
GULF COST Iberville decided the ____ ____ was a more promising location for a settlement than the mouth of the Mississippi.
OCEAN Their fort Maurepas and was built near present-day _____ Springs, Mississippi.
MISSISSIPPI Bienville continued to explore the ___________ River and learned the languages of Native American tribes.
ENGLISH When Bienville encountered an _______ ship, he them the French had claimed the entire river and surrounding regions and ordered them to leave. As a result of Bienville's successful bluff, the spot on the river where this took place is called English Turn.
54 When Iberville returned in January of 1700 he and Bienville established Fort Mississippi __ miles above the mouth of the river.
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