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History 11 Ch 3

Spoils System Practice of giving jobs to your friends who helped you get elected. Put many unqualified people into office. Andrew Jackson
Republican Virtues Women were asked to teach honesty, discipline, virtue, etc. in school to children
Underground Railroad created in response to slavery, series of escape routes from the south for runaway slaves. Harriet Tubman was a famous conductor
Temperance Movement Movement to eliminate alcohol consumption
Suffrage Grew out of the women’s rights movement. Suffrage was the demand for the right to vote
Secessionist Someone who chooses to leave a group. The Confederates were secessionists
States’ Rights One of the roots of sectionalism, states rights is the belief that states should have more power then the federal government
Trail of Tears Forced march of the Cherokee Indians out of the south. Many died on the journey
Strike Refusal to work
Abolitionist Movement People opposed to slavery. Some wrote books(Harriet Beecher Stowe) Others spoke out(Frederick Douglas) and some used violence(John Brown)
Nativism Opposed to immigration. Favored American(native) born to foreigners. Favored American purity
Free Enterprise Economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of goods
American Women Played an active role in reform movements. Also expected to teach republican virtues
Utopian Communities Small society dedicated to developing perfect societies. Experiment that failed in most situations falling to ills of laziness and selfishness
Reform Movements Temperance, women’s rights, education, abolition to name a few
Tensions between the North and South Slavery was the largest issue that caused tension
Manifest Destiny Belief that the US would eventually stretch across the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific
Lincoln Douglas Debates Slavery was the big issue and whether it would spread, Lincoln was against the spread of slavery, Douglas was in favor of popular sovereignty or allowing voters to decide
Fort Sumter When the Confederacy(South) fired on Fort Sumter the Civil War started
Eli Whitney Invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts. Cotton gin allowed more cotton to be harvested and interchangeable parts allowed for faster production of guns(goods)
Steam Power and Canal Building allowed farmers to ship their goods to people around the country
Monroe Doctrine Policy by the United States that the western hemisphere is off limits to European colonization
Transcendentalists wanted people to get involved in reforming society and breaking with traditional thought
Fugitive Slave Act Forced all Americans to help catch runaway slaves
Kansas Nebraska Act Allowed people of Kansas and Nebraska to decide on the slavery issue by voting(Popular sovereignty)
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