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Unit 1

Copperheads A type of poisonous snack
Emancipation Proclamation A military measure that sead all slaves in states that where rebelling against the north wore free
Total War attacking troops and economic resources
War of Attrition A plan to fight until the south run out of men,supplies,and the will to fight
Amnesty southern coastal city captured by the Union
Black Codes greatly limit the freedom of former slaves
Carpetbaggers northerners who came to the south to participate in state conventions
Sharecroppers a farmer would work a parcel of land in return for a shared of the crop,cabin,seed,tools,and a mule
Compromise of 1877 an agreement that lead to the withdrawal of the union trotes in the south
Reconstruction acts laws that divided the form confederate states
What killed more soldiers in the civil war than battle? diseases
What is the Anaconda Plan? a plan of a navel blockade on the south so starve them of food and suplise
What were Northerners called who sympathized with the South called? coprehead
What were the Jim Crow Laws? To have separate areas for black and wights in business
What is the Crittenden Compromise?
What was the outcome of Plessy v Ferguson? plessy loss because they said it didn't go against the constitution
Who were the South relying on to help in the Civil War? ( 2 Countries in Europe) Britain and france
Who led the South in the Battle of Shiloh? albert johnston
What kind of ruler was George McClellon? (Reluctant or Brave) Reluctant
What year did Congress allow African Americans to fight in the War? 1865
What stated that any slave living in a rebelling state was free? emancipation proclamation
What was the 54th Massachusetts infantry? a regimen that saw extensive service in the union army during the war
Where did the South surrender? Appomattox
What is Reconstruction? The period after the war rebuilding the south
Who killed Abraham Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth
What did the 13th Amendment do? Abolish slavery
Created by: Balckdeath4967
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