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1st sem Interim revi

6th ss

Who funded voyages around Africa, created a school of navigation and was a ruler of Portugal? Prince Henry
What century is 1492? 15th
What country colonized most of Latin America? Spain
What physical feature allowed Europeans to travel to the ocean and begin the Age of Exploration? rivers
How did the govt. in Russia change when the Bolsheviks took control? became communist
What Bolshevik leader was the first Soviet dictator? Vladimir Lenin
Three causes of the Russian revolution poor worker conditions, wanted out of WW I, Bloody Sunday
Democracy: West Berlin:: ______________:East Berlin communism
Place events in order: A -Czar Nicholas II leaves the throne; B- Bloody Sunday; C-Lenin/Bolsheviks win the revolution; D-White Army and Red Army fight for control of Russia B-Bloody Sunday; A-Czar Nicholas II leaves; D-White & Red fight; C-Lenin/Bolsheviks win
What type of source is a journal? primary
What is another name for military agreement? treaty
What happened to Eastern Europe after WWII? became communist
What country had the largest empire in Asia & Africa? United Kingdom (UK)
What word describes pride in one's nation? nationalism
What is the time period when Europe colonized Asia & Africa? Age of Imperialism
Why didn't the sun set on the British Empire? They had so many colonies around the world that the sun was up in one of their colonies at all times.
Why did countries that were not directly involved in WWI get involved? Alliances- agreements to come to the aid of their friends
What was the mass murder of 6 million Jews? the Holocaust
What country made Eastern Europe & East Germany communist? Soviet Union
What are the main causes of WWI? militarism, alliances, nationalism, imperialism
What does contrary to the rules mean? against the rules
How did the Soviet Union keep its people from wanting to be democratic? They lied to their people to maintain control
What are the major causes of WWII? Treaty of Versailles, appeasement, reparations
define reparations making someone pay for the damage done
define appeasement give something to an aggressive power to keep the peace
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