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Am His Test 3 part 2

Tax on legal documents Stamp Act
Act allowing British soldiers to live in civilian homes Quartering Act
Barred all colonial settlements in lands west of the Appalachian Mountains Proclamation of 1783
Thomas Paine, an Englishman, wrote this pamphlet urging colonists to declare their independence from England Common Sense
Tax on tea, lead (paint), glass Townshend Act
Official end of American Revolution Treaty of Paris
"Fighting Quaker;" leader of Southern Patriot forces Nathanael Greene
American Army Continental Army
Black slave; trusted by Lafayette to spy on the British for the Patriots James Armistead
British General; led the attack on Bunker Hill Gage
British General; surrendered at Yorktown but refused to do it personally Cornwallis
Frenchmen; helped the Americans win the war Lafayette
Men from Vermont that took the British-held fort in New York Green Mountain Boys.
Nickname for the British troops; named for the color of their uniforms Redcoats
Nickname given to Francis Marion of SC because of his guerrilla warfare Swamp Fox
Opposed to War for Independence; loyal to king Loyalists
Patriot General became a traitor and helped the British Benedict Arnold
Prussian (German); helped Washington drill his soldiers into a disciplined army Baron von Steuben
Prussian (German) soldiers paid by the British to fight the Patriots Hessians
Supported the War for Independence Patriots
Volunteer militia that could be ready to fight in a minute's notice Minutemen
1st major battle of the war; British victory Bunker Hill
Bitter winter camp of the Continental army, 1777-1778 Valley Forge
British Generals planned to divide the colonies along this line Hudson River
British-held fort in New York that guarded the road between Canada & New York Fort Ticonderoga
Patriot victory; ended the war Yorktown
The "shot heard 'round the world;" 1st shots fired of the war Lexington, Concord
Turning point in the war; convinced the French to help the Patriots defeat the British Saratoga
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