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3A Revolutionary Era

Dead People from the Revolutionary Era

Abigail Adams Supported women's rights and the rights of African Americans
John Adams His defense of British soldiers following the Boston Massacre is an example of civic virtue
Samuel Adams Founder of the Patriot Organization, Sons of Liberty which was responsible for the Boston Tea Party
James Armistead Former slave who worked as a spy during the American Revolution
Crispus Attucks Black man killed by the British in the Boston Massacre; first to die in the American Revolution
Wentworth Cheswell African-American church leader, historian and judge who fought at Saratoga
Benjamin Franklin Writer, printer and scientist; served in the first and second continental congress; co-author of the Declaration of Independence
Bernardo de Galvez Spaniard who helped colonists by shipping supplies; commanded Spanish troops against the British in Louisiana
Patrick Henry Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses who convinced them to support independence: "give me liberty or give me death."
Thomas Jefferson Author of the Declaration of Independence
John Paul Jones Father of the U.S. Navy; a pirate who won a battle with a British warship in 1775 shouting "I have not yet begun to fight!"
Marquis de Lafayette French military officer who spent his own money to buy clothing for Washington's soldiers. He also led Continental troops in battle.
Thomas Paine Strong patriot who convinced others to join the independence movement with a pamphlet "Common Sense."
Haym Solomon Successful Jewish merchant who came to America from Poland and helped finance Washington's campaign.
Mercy Otis Warren Author whose work convinced others to join the independence movement; wrote one of the first histories of the Revolution.
George Washington Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army