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Gilded Age

Coney Island Nation's first amusement park in NY
Meyers Lake Amusement park in Canton, Ohio
Kitty Hawk, NC Location of first flight by Wright Brothers
Kodak George Eastman's company name for his hand-held camera
Arcarde Nations first shopping center located in Cleveland, Ohio
Sears and Roebuck First major mail order catalogue
PT Barnum American businessman and showman. "The Greatest Show on Earth"
Thomas Nast Father of Political Cartoons / brought down Boss Tweed
Boss Tweed Most corrupt politician in NY history; Boss of Tammany Hall political machine
patronage The power to control appointments to office or the right to privileges / spoils system
graft To use one's public or political position for personal benefit
Pendleton Civil Service Act Required some appointed officials to take an exam to prove qualified for job
Mark Twain Author; came up with term Gilded Age
gilded to be covered in a thin layer of gold
Goldbugs One who favored the gold standard; bankers, businessmen, Republicans
Silverites One who favored bimetallism, both gold and silver; farmers, laborers, Populists, Democrats
William McKinley Republican candidate and winner of 1896 Election
front porch Location of William McKinley's historical campaign
William Jennings Bryan Democratic nominee for President in 1896; great speaker
Frank Baum Author of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"
Henry Littlefield History teacher from NY in the 1960s who brought attention to Baum's possible symbolism
Progressive Era Period following the Gilded Era; set out to reform, fix problems.
Gilded Era Term used to describe America from 1870-1900; era full of problems.
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