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Q1 Social Studies

Describe the work of an anthropologist? Scientist who studies the physical characteristics and cultures of humans and there ancestors
What is the Sumerian writing system called? Cuneiform
Why did Sumerians built ziggurats? For there chief god
Descried the job of a scribe? To keep records
Where was Mesopotamia located? Between the Tigris and Euphrates river
Describe job of an artisans? Skilled crafts person
Why were the Sumerians able to practice job specialization? Food surplus
Why was Hammurabi's code so important? Forced all people to treat each other the same
What was Hammurabi's motto? Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
What was the result of food surpluses and job specialization in Mesopotamia? Trade
During the Paleolithic period people were always on the move they were know as what? Nomads
What was the earliest used tool used by the Sumerians? Sickle
Were did most of the early Egyptians live? By the Nile river valley
What was the name of the writing developed by early Egyptians live? Hieroglyphs
Name some of the early Egyptian advancements? 12 month calendar, geometry, medicine, fractions, and astronomy
What helped lead to advancements in Egyptian medicine? Embalming
The Nile river begins between which two rivers? White and blue river
What are pebble tools? A small rock
What is diversified ? To change something
What is a plateau? An area of level high ground
What is prompted? Cause
What is harvesting? Gather a crop
What is a sickle? Farming tool
What do historians do? Study and write about what people did long ago
What do anthropologist do? Study how different kinds of societies develop look for clues how people related to one another
What are artifacts? Things people made
Who was always on the move? Paleolithic people
Name some technology? Spears, traps, bows, arrows
Who were the fist people to use technology? Paleolithic people
What is the name of the hominid that Richard ,Louise, and Marry found? Lucy
Paleolithic people discovered what? Fire
At what time did people start to grow crops? Around the same time
What did the food surplus lead up to? Growing population
Farming allowed people to do what? Stay in one place
What is bronze made out of? Copper and tin
What are Civilizations? Complex societies
Rivers helped people what? Trade and travel easier
What do Civilizations have? Art, religion, government, class divisions, and a writing system
Floods in Mesopotamia were? Frequent and unpredictable
What are people who believe in many gods? Polytheistic
Who was the king of the Akkadians? Sargon
What is the Sumerians oldest story? Epic of Gilgamesh
What did Sargon set up? Worlds first empire
Babylon Quickly became the what? Center of trade
What is Hammurabi known for? Set of laws or code
What did Hammurabi's laws mark an important step to? System of Justice
The Assyrians were the fist to use weapons made out of what? Iron
The Assyrian king divided the empire into what? Provinces
Who had the worlds first library? Nineveh
What is papyrus? A reed plant that grew along the Nile?
Ancient Egypt was ruled by how many Dynasties? 31
Why did Narmar where a double crown? For both lower and upper Egypt
What are some woman rights? They could own and pass on property, buy and sell goods, make wills, and obtain divorces
Who made the majority of Egypt's population? Farmers
People believed the pharaoh was the sun of what? Re
Re was what god? The sun god
People thought pharaohs were what? A god on earth
People believed that these gods controlled what? Forces of nature and human actions
Why was the sun god Re so important? Because the sun was needed for good harvest
Hapi was the ruler of what? The Nile river
Who was one of the most important goddesses? Isis
What was the book of the dead? Collection of spells and prayers
What did the Egyptians believe after death? Life after death
What did Egyptian doctors use to cure illness? herbs and drugs
Egyptians wrote the first what? Medical books
Egyptians invented a system of written number based on what number? 10
Egyptians created what? Fractions
What pyramid is the largest in Egypt? Great Pyramid
Who was the great pyramid for? King Khufu
The Middle Kingdom was a golden age of what? Restored stability, prosperity, and achievement
Instead of building pyramids pharaohs had there tombs cut into cliffs called? Valley of the kings
Which Egyptian prince drove the Hyksos out of Egypt. Ahmose
Who was Hatshepsut's nephew? Thutmose the 3
Amenhotep started a new religion which what happened? They could only believe in one god named Aton
How old was king Tut when he became pharaoh? 10
Who changed the religion after Amenhotep changed it? King Tut
The most magnificent temples were? Thebes and Karnak
What where temples used for? Banks and Priests preformed rituals there
What two lands were by Egypt during the middle kingdom? Nubia and Syria
What city became the capital of the middle kingdom? Thebes
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