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Causes of Amer. Rev.

French and Indian War What war was going on that caused the British to feel the need to tax the colonists?
The British Who won the French and Indian War?
Britain Who inherits much new territory after the French and Indian War is over?
Proclamation of 1763 Britain wanted to avoid conflict with Native Americans, so Colonists were forbidden to cross Appalachian Mountains.
To prevent conflict between the Native Americans and the colonial settlers Why did the British pass the Proclamation of 1763?
Sugar Act The first act which served to tax the colonists was called the?
Stamp Act Tax on legal documents, newspapers, wills, and basically every piece of paper used is called the?
boycott How does the colonial congress react to the Stamp Act (an effective act of protest against taxes)?
To take away, remove Was does repeal mean?
yes Was the Stamp Act repealed?
Townshend Acts Tax on various household items such as paper, glass, lead, silk, and tea.
Quartering Acts Colonists had to provide food, housing, blankets, candles, etc. for the British soldiers.
No taxation without representation Colonists did not feel they should be paying taxes to a government that was not hearing their voice (consent of the governed). This is chanted over and over again using which phrase?
Massacre A rioting mob confronted British soldiers at the Boston Customs House this becomes the Boston __________________?
Paul Revere Who created the image of the Boston Massacre?
Crispus Attucks Who was the first person killed at the Boston Massacre?
Boston Tea Party In reaction to the Tea Act, members of the Sons of Liberty dressed as Native Americans throw tea into the Boston Harbor
The Intolerable Acts How does the British government respond to the Boston Tea Party (what did they do to punish the colonists)?
town meetings Finish the statement on the Intolerable Acts: Colonists could not hold ______ ______
Boston What port was closed as a result of the Intolerable Acts?
The First Continental Congress The colonial reaction to the Intolerable Acts is (what did they do after the Acts were passed)?
The Sons of Liberty Who participated in dumping the some 90,000 pounds of tea at the Boston Tea Party?
Thomas Paine Who wrote Common Sense in support of American independence?
George Washington I was a soldier in the French and Indian war. I was chosen to be the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
John Adams I am a lawyer and politician. I helped defend British soldiers after the Boston Massacre. Strong supporter of independence and on the committee to write the Declaration of Independence and helped edit the document.
Patrick Henry I am a patriot from Virginia, and one of my famous quotes is, "Give me liberty, or give me death"!
Sam Adams I helped start the Sons of Liberty and committees of correspondence and organized many of the protests in Boston including the Boston Tea Party.
King George III I angered many colonists during my time as ruler of Britain and the colonies. The colonists listed their grievances (complaints about me!) when they declared their independence.
Mercy Otis Warren I anonymously wrote many pieces of propaganda supporting the Patriot cause during the American Revolution, including poems and plays about political drama that made fun of British officials.
Paul Revere I made famous Midnight Ride to warn that the British were coming. I also was a member of the Sons of Liberty and made an engraving of the Boston Massacre to make people rise up against the British.
Navigation Acts Placed a tax on goods shipped out of the colonies, law said colonies could only trade with Britain
Patriots People in the colonies who supported going to war with Britain
Loyalists People in the colonies who remained loyal to England in the Revolutionary Era
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