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Reconstruction Era

VDOE Standards of Learning

What years did Reconstruction take place? 1865-1877
Which group wanted to allow the South to peacefully rejoin the Union and had no plans to provide former slaves with civil rights? Moderate Republicans (Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson)
Which political group represented the defeated Southerners? Southern Democrats
Which group had to find work, along with their place in politics and society? Freedmen
Which group wanted to punish the South and provide full civil rights to former slaves? Radical Republicans
What did the 13th Amendment do? Law that abolished slavery
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1866 guarantee? Granted citizenship and equal rights under the law to all persons born in the U.S. "without distinction of race, color, or previous condition of slavery."
What did the 14th Amendment do? Law stating that all persons born in the United States are citizens, with equal protection under the law.
Who was placed in the South to protect the rights of former slaves and enforce the Reconstruction Amendments? Federal Troops
What did the 15th Amendment do? Granted former male slaves the right to vote.
Which 2 groups of Americans were not given rights under the Reconstruction Amendments? Women & Native Americans
During Reconstruction, what did Southern states pass to limit the economic and political freedoms of former slaves? Black Codes
Were African Americans allowed to hold political office during Reconstruction? Yes (Reconstruction Act of 1867)
Who was NOT allowed to hold political office during Reconstruction? Former Confederate Leaders (Reconstruction Act of 1867)
Which organization provided aid such as education, medical care, and housing to former slaves? The Freedmen's Bureau
What was President Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan? - Peacefully allow the South to rejoin the Union without punishment - NO plans to provide civil rights to former slaves
What did Robert E. Lee urge the South to do? Allow the country to heal by accepting defeat and peacefully rejoining the Union
What did Robert E. Lee do AFTER the Civil War. Became the President of Washington College. (Later renamed Washington & Lee College in his honor)
What officially marked the END of Reconstruction? Removal of Federal Troops from the South
What was the Compromise of 1877 Rutherford B. Hayes agreed to end Reconstruction in the South and remove all federal troops if South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana allowed him to become the next President of the United States.
Who fought for amendments that guaranteed voting rights for former slaves? He was a powerful voice for all human rights. Frederick Douglass
Created by: MrsBrown_MEH