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Social studies 3

Which empire did Hernando Cortez conquer in Mexico? Aztec
Which group reached North America 500 years before Columbus? Vikings
Who was the leader of the 1st expedition to sail around the world? Ferdinand Magellan
Which nation sponsored Columbus's expedition in 1492? Spain
Why did Columbus sail west from Europe? To find a more direct route to Asia
Which conquistador took control of the Inca empire? Pizzaro
What were many of the explorers looking for in North America? The northwest passage
What happened during Hudsen's last voyage? He was set adrft at sea, never to be seen again
Who claimed what is now Florida for Spain? Juan Ponce de Leon
Who claimed the land of what is now the southwestern US for Spain? Coronado
Who became the 1st explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean? Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Who explored and claimed for Holland the land that is now New York? Henry Hudson
Who claimed for Spain much of the southern half of the United States? Hernando de Soto
What were some problems that the early European explorers faced? They needed better maps and new technology, they needed a lot of money, and they faced many unknown dangers
What land did Columbus think he landed on in 1492? He thought he had reached Asia
What are 2 facts that proved Columbus didn't land where he thought? He did not see the land described by Marco Polo, and explorers reached the Pacific ocean proving that it was a new continent
Why did Columbus have to wait until after the Reconquista to start his voyage? He needed the king and queen to sponsor his trip, but they were too busy fighting a war to support him
Why did so many explorers want to find the Northwest Passage? They believed it would be a shortcut to Asia and would help set up trade that would give their country power and wealth.
Created by: tpeterson201