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Unit 5 Review

The Jungle Book written to expose the meat packing industry (by Upton Sinclair) lead to more food regulations
Ida Tarbell Exposed the Standard Oil Trust and their abuses
Muckracker Someone who exposed the problems "muck" in industries through writing books and articles
Reform Means to change things
Conservation Movement Teddy Roosevelt- wanted to save and preserve land and natural resources
Labor Laws fought for what? Better wages, safer conditions, shorter hours
Recall Voters can petition to have an elected representative removed- state levels
Initiative Voters can petition state legislators to look at a bill they want passed
Referendum Voters to vote directly on a bill
National level progressive reforms Antitrust, pure food and drug act, meat inspection act, conservation movement.
Pure Food and Drug Act Federal inspection to all packaged foods and drugs. Labels with medicine and food are required
WW1 Also known as the Great War or the War to End All Wars. Involed new weapons and trench warfare
Imperialism European Countries were in competition for colonies in Africa and Asia
Causes for WW1 Imperialism, Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism. Overall tensions.
US beliefs before war It had the right to trade with warring nations. Warring nations must respect our neutrality, The freedom of the seas
Lusitania Merchant ship that had Americans on board that was sunk by German Uboats- they sank anything they thought had contraband on it.----A cause of US getting involved in WW1
Zimmerman Note Secret telegram from Germany that t tries o get Mexico to make war with US in exchange to help them get their land back. Another cause to get US involved in WW1
Wilson's War Speech After 3 American merchant ships were sunk- Wilson asked congress for a declaration of war
Allies Russia, France, Serbia, Great Britain
Central Powers Germany. Austria-hungry, Italy
Stalemate A stand still in fighting- neither side can take advantage
Sussex Pledge Germany said they would warn boats before sinking them so that they could get citizens off of it
Temperance Reform movement to ban alcohol
3 Progressive Presidents Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson
16th Amendment Right to take income taxes
17th Amendment Senators direct election
18th Amendment Prohibition
19th Amendment Women's right to vote
Imperialism A big country tries to gain control of smaller countries by using their power and size.
Nationalism Devotion to someones country
Nativism Someone "fully" American
Platt Amendment American Government is given the right to establish naval bases in Cuba and intervene in Cuban affairs
Open Door Policy American approach to china in the 1900s open trade with China and other nations
Social Welfare Programs Program designed to ensure basic living essentials for poor citizens.
Municipal Government City level government
Home Rule System that gives cities a limited amount of rule
Bull Moose Party Nickname of the Progressive Party
Clayton Antitrust Act Law passed in 1914 to strengthen the Sherman Antitrust act and make certain activities done by big business against the law.
Civil Disobedience Nonviolent refusal to obey laws in an effort to create change. This was done by suffrage fighters with a hunger strike.
Stalemate Situation in which neither side of the fight is able to advance
Name for the Draft Selective Service Act
Causes for America Getting involved in the WW1 Sinking of the Lucitania (killing Americans) Russian Revolution causing Russia to drop out of the War (US needed to join the war to protect their investments)
Sedition Act An act that made it illegal to speak negatively about the government and the war.
Created by: Amandabelker
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