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colonial government

a system by which people elect delegates to make laws and conduct government representative government
an economic theory whose goal is building a state's wealth and power by increasing exports and accumulating precious metals in return mercantillism
to sell to other countries export
to bring in from foreign markets import
What two beliefs were especially important to the English system of government? protected rights and representative government
Who did the colonists believe should represent the common people? lawmakers
What protected the English people from unfair treatment by the government and unfair punishment? Magna Carta
Who also had to follow the Magna Carta? Kings and Queens
Who do the representative government represent? The wishes of those who elected them
Who did Parliament remove from power? King James II
Who became King and Queen after King James II was removed from power? What was this peaceful change called? William and Mary; the Glorious Revolution
What important document set clear limits on a ruler's power in 1689? The Bill of Rights
What did the Bill of Rights do? it limited the ruler's ability to set aside Parliament's laws, rulers could no longer require taxes without Parliament's say-so, it gave citizens the right to a fair trial by jury, and it banned cruel and unusual punishment.
what did the Bill of Rights say? That members of Parliament would be freely elected.
What kind of colonies were owned by an individual or group? proprietary colonies
What did proprietary colonies set up on their own? rules
What was a proprietary colony? Pennsylvania
What were colonies that had been started by a company with permission of the English king? What is an example of one? charter colonies; Massachusetts
What kind of colony was under direct English control? Royal colony
In every royal colony what did Parliament appoint? A upper house
What is an upper house? A governor and a council
What did the colonists choose as an assembly? The lower house
What did the Upper house do that often went against the wishes of the lower house? Did what the king and Parliament told them to do
Who could vote for government? White men who owned property
In time what did town meetings turn into? local governments
What forced colonists to sell their raw materials to England? Navigation Acts
If a colonists bought goods from a country in Europe, what happened to them? They would first go to England,then they were taxed and shipped to the colony.
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