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3S051A Vol. 2

Volume 2 Questions and Answers

(201) At the end of the fiscal year, Air Force members who are assigned to an operational mission at the national level can keep accrued leave up to how many days? 90 days.
(201) When an Air Force member becomes ill or needs hospitalization while on leave, who advises the leave approving authority? The Next of Kin NOK
(201) Convalescent leave begins the day of discharge from a medical training facility (MTF) and ends when? The day before the member returns to duty.
(201) What is Emergency Leave? Emergency Leave is Chargeable leave that is granted within the limits of accrued, advance, or excess leave for a personal or family emergency that requires the member's presence.
(202) The date that leave requests appear on the Daily Register of Transaction (DROT) must be posted to what? The Unit Leave Control Log
(202) When a unit begins a new series of leave authorization numbers on or after 1 October, this is determined by what agency. Financial Services Office (FSO)
Block assignments must be verified against the DROT at least every... 45 Days
(203) The original notification Memo must be sent to the MPF within how many days? 10 days.
(204) The Individualized Newcomer Treatment and Orientation (INTRO) program is a tool that commanders use to make sure that members who have relocation pending are able to obtain what? Personal assistance through sponsorship, if requested.
(204) A base INTRO program manager is not responsible for... Implementing the INTRO program
(204) The base INTRO program manager prepares a sponsor kit that includes what? Base Fact Sheet.
(204) Within what timeframe of their selection as sponsor should a sponsor mail the sponsor kit to an inbound member? 7 Calendar days.
(205) Which one of these categories is not a part of the CSS responsibilities during unit in-processing produced? Medical Support
(205) Airman Smith just arrived to your unit, her duty information must be updated within how many days? 1 Duty Day
When divorced military members do not have custody of their children,and when are they eligible to receive BAS? When it preserves the visitation rights of the member.
(206) In which ranks are enlisted member automatically authorized BAS? E-7 through E-9
(206) Which type of BAS must be approved by the SAF? Rations under emergency conditions must be approved by the SAF.
(207) Within what timeframe must the MPF return essential station messaging (ESM) roster to the food service officer? 5 work days
(207) All of these items are required on the ESM addition/deletion letter except what? Office Symbols
(208) Who determines which optional documents are filed in a member's UIF? Commander
(208) Today, the commander signed section V of AF Form 1058, UIF Action puttin a SSgt on the control roster. What is the final disposition date? 12 months from today
(208) Which documents is an optional item that may be filed in an UIF? Article 15 Punishment
What is the only mandatory document that is referred to an officer with the AF Form 1058, UIF Action, before it is filed in an UIF? Letter of Reprimand
(208) How many duty days does a member have to acknowledge notice of an intended action to establish and UIR? 3 days
(208)What does the UIF monitor mark on the front and back of an UIF folder? FOUO
How long after a permanent appointment to a command must a commander review all unit UIF's? Within 90 Days
When does the UIF monitor audit UIF's? At least twice a year
What action is taken by the TDY commander when a UIF is established on members who will return to their permanent duty station when they complete TDY? Send the completed package to the member's unit commander
(209) The stated purpose of the control roster is to do what? Observe and monitor members who have demonstrated substandard duty performance.
(209) Who has the authority to place a member on the control roster? Unit Commander
Which action should commanders consider before entering or removing a member from the control roster? Directing an EPR (enlisted) or OPR (officer) be written.
(209)When will SSgt Jones be removed from the control roster if he was placed on it on 9 Mar? 8 September at 2400 hrs.
(209) When can a member who is on the control roster change units under a permanent change of assignment (PCA)action? When the PCA is essential to the mission and the losing and gaining commander concur.
(209)What action takes place once a commander signs the AF Form 1058, UIF Action? The member acknowledges the action and submits statements on his or her own behalf within 3 days.
(210) What must be included when a Record of Individual Counseling (RIC) is forwarded from the initiator to a member's commander? The member's acknowledgement and any document submitted by the member.
(210) If a letter of cousneling (LOC) is not place in a member's UIF, it must be what? Placed in the PIF
(211) Which is normally a reward for good behavior? Remission
(211) The maximum Article 15 punishment a commander can impose is based on what? Grade of commander and the offender
(212) Which ranks can be demoted for just cause? Amn through CMSGT
(212) A commander may initiate administrative demotion action after a member reelistment for events or actions that occurred before the current enlistment... When the commander was not aware of the facts and circumstances until after the term of enlistment expired
(212) What is the lowest grade to which SSgt Bush can be demoted? A1C
(212) All of the following are reasons for demotion except what? Conduct unbecoming an officer.
(212) The commander is submitting a memorandum to demote A1C Hooper. What information does the momorandum contain? A statement that Hooper may request a personal hearing before the initiating commander.
(212) Members who have been notified of a projected administrative demotion must present either oral or written statements in their own behalf within how many duty days after they have been notified? 3 days
(213) How many days can a member be placed in duty status "whereabouts unkown"? 10 Days
(213) You change member's duty status to "failure to go" when they have an unauthorized absence of what? 24 Hours of Less
(213) You may change member's duty status to "deserter" if they are absent for less than 30 days and what? Have action pending on a previous unauthorized absence
(213) What action does a commander take on the 31st day of a unit member's unauthorized absence? Sends a letter to the NOK and those recieving allotments.
(214) The SRP applies to whom? All enlisted personnel.
(214) A1C Frosty is a first-term airman who enlisted for 4 years. When will she be considered under the SRP? Once she has completed 33 months of active service.
(214) What does the CSS provide to the immediate supervisor of a member who is due SRP consideration? A RIP
(214) What action does the unit commander take when all members on the SRP roster are selected for continued service? Initial and date each page of the SRP roster and sign and date the last page.
(214) How long does the commander wait to make a recommendation whan a person new to the unit is due SRP considerations? No more than 90 days
(215) To whom does a career airman with 14 years active service appeal when the unit commander does not select him or her for reenlistment? The Wing Commander
If airmen have appealed their nonselection for reenlistment, how many workdays do they have to acknowledge the decision of the appeal authority? 5 Workdays
(216) What part of the SRP roster must be returned to the MPF? Part 1, SRP Actions
(216) What part of the SRP roster identified airmen who have not applied for a CJR? Part 3, CJR.
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