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5th Gr. Ch. 6 Region

Regions can be determined using various criteria

Landform Refers to the shape, form, or nature of physical features of Earth's surface
Regions Determined based upon various criteria such as landforms, climate, population, culture and economics
Weather Describes what is happening in the atmosphere at a specific time and place
Climate Long-term trends in weather elements and atmospheric conditions
Population Density The number of people who live in a certain size area
Culture The learned behavior of people that includes their languages and belief systems
Economics How a society owns, allocates, and uses resources
Natural Resources What the land of a region has to provide an income
Agricultural Products The crops and livestock of a region
Income How much money people make
There are 16 regions in North and South America. You will need to be able to identify each region as being in either North or South America.
Polar Climate Very cold and dry Northern Canada and Much of Alaska
Temperate Climate Cold winters and mild summers Much of the United States
Arid Climate Dry and hot year- round Atacama Desert
Tropical Climate Wet and hot year-round Most of Central and South America
Mediterranean Climate Warm, wet, windy winters and hot, dry, calm summers Central Chile
Mountain Climate Very cold at higher elevations Rocky and Andes Mountains
Mountains and Bodies of water Two things that affect the climate of an area
Developed Countries High level of income
Developing Countries Low level of income
High population density areas Usually occurs near some body of water because water is important for survival, transportation, and trade
Low population density areas less water, hot temperatures, frigid temperatures, and lots of snow
You will need to write an extended response as to why even though Mexico and Central America are geographically in North America, they are often culturally grouped with South America. Read pg 61. 5 points
Where you live influences how you live. Choose one of the following places: Fairbanks, Alaska; Quebec City, Quebec; Topeka,Kansas; Denver, Colorado; Manaus, Brazil; or Santiago, Chile. Describe what it is like to live there with regards to the climate, landform, population, culture (language and religion), and economics. Extended Response 10 points.
Created by: CherylBruce
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