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Westward Expansion

Section 5

Homestead Act Gave settlers 160 acres of land if they would live on and improve it for 5 years.
Acquiring Land Done through the Land Rush or an application.
Sooners Sneaked into Oklahoma to claim land prior to the official opening.
Exodusters African Americans who left the South to get to Kansas to claim land.
Problems Farmers Faced No wood for homes, hard soil, dry climate (led to fires), grasshoppers (eat crops), Overproduction (more crops meant lower prices and less profit).
Seed Drills and Steel Plows Inventions created for farmers due to the hard soil and dry climate.
Women Produced much of what was needed (candles, clothing, soap) bc stores were limited. Also canned food for harsh winters.
Farmers Unite A group of farmers who joined together to lower the cost of buying goods.
National Grange A cooperative formed so farmers could purchase products at wholesale prices (cheaper).
Farmers Alliance Set up cooperatives live the Grange and built warehouses for storage.
Populist Party Farmer's political party: Wanted to regulate railroads, increase prices for crops, create an income tax and a minimum wage, limit immigration and coin silver to pay debts.
William Jennings Bryan Populist candidate who lost to William McKinley for President.
Democrat Party Adopted many of the goals of the Populist Party after they ceased to exist.
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