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History 7 Ch 2

Native Americans Enslaved by the Spanish and forced to work in gold and silver mines; disease killed them in great numbers
Peninsulares Spanish colonists who were born in Spain; held most of the colonial government positions
Leif Erikson Viking explorer and 1st European to reach the Americas; sailed from Greenland to New Foundland
Christopher Columbus Sailed west on the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria; believed he had reached the Indies; made 4 voyages to the New World
Amerigo Vespucci First to realize that Columbus had not reached Asia but instead had discovered a New World
Ferdinand Magellan His expedition was the 1st to circumnavigate the globe, sailed through the strait of Magellan rounding South America, taught Europeans about the true size of the Earth
The Columbian Exchange transfer of goods, people, and ideas between the Eastern and Western hemispheres
Hernando Cortes Captured the Aztec ruler Montezuma and claimed the lands for Spain, later defeats the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro captured and later executed the Incan ruler and conquered the Incas, technology and horses help the Spanish defeat both groups
Juan Ponce de Leon Named and explored Florida looking for the fountain of Youth, became the 1st Spaniard to set foot in America
Francisco Coronado explored much of the southwestern US looking for cities of gold
Mercantilism developed to make European nations wealthy and powerful by exploiting its colonies
Spanish Armada Fleet of warships defeated by the English, allowed England and France to start colonies in the Americas
Henry Hudson and John Cabot Both explorers looking for a northwest passage, both disappeared in the Americas
French Trade French traded with the Native Americans for animal skins and fur
La Salle Explored the Mississippi and claimed it for France naming it Louisiana
Fort Orange Dutch fur trading post later named Albany
Vasco Nunez de Balboa Crossed Panama and becomes the 1st European to see the Pacific
Encomienda granted labor and taxes from Native Americans to Spanish colonists
Northwest Passage all water route through or around North America; led to many land claims in the New World
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