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Section 4/5 VASOL

John Locke was an ______________ philosopher. Enlightenment
The_____________ period during the 17th and 18th centuries saw the development of new ideas of man and his relationship with his ruler. Enlightenment
Locke believes all men are: Free, equal and have natural rights
According to Locke all power comes from: The people
A "social contract" is: People giving up rights and freedom in exchange for protection and ordered liberty.
Government's powers are limited to those given time to it by the people is known as the : Consent of the governed
Locke's ideas challenged the __________ Centuries old practice of rule by monarch
Thomas Paine wrote ______________ Common Sense - a pamphlet challenging the rule of the colonies by Britain
Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine
The Declaration of Independence was written largely by: Thomas Jefferson
The Declaration of Independence reflects the ideas of: John Locke and Thomas Paine
These are the "unalienable rights" Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness
"All men are created equal" An idea forwarded by Locke that is shown in the Declaration of Independence
The Natural Rights of man according to Locke Life Liberty and Property
Where does government derive their powers according to the Declaration of Independence "from the consent of the governed"
When a government becomes destructive, what is our remedy as people? To alter or abolish it
What were the five rights that the Declaration of Independence claimed? Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, self-government and the right to alter or abolish government
The Declaration of Independence increased ___________, _____________ and _________________ participation in the American experience. Social, Political, and economic
Abolishing slavery and extending rights to women are examples of expanding on the right of ____________ Liberty
Extending the vote and providing for free education demonstrate improvements to which right _____________ Life (equality)
Regulation of the free enterprise system, promoting economic opportunity and protecting property are examples of protecting this right ______________ pursuit of happiness (economic participation)
Anglo-French Rivalry Britain vs. France for colonial power in North America
French and Indian War 1754-1763
Which side were the Indians on in the French and Indian war? French
Who won the French and Indian War? British
What territory did the French lose as a result of the French and Indian War? All of their North American holdings
Proclamation Line of 1763 The line established after the French and Indian War to keep the settlers east of the Appalachian mountains.
Believed in complete independence from Britain Patriots
Inspired by Locke/Paine and Patrick Henry Patriots
Provided troops for the Continental Army led by George Washington Patriots
Remained loyal to Britain because of cultural and economic ties Tories
Believed taxation of colonies was justified as payment for British protection from Indians/French Tories
Colonists who tried to remain uninvolved in the war as much as possible Neutrals
All of the colonies except Georgia send representatives to this body First Continental Congress
The only colony that did NOT send a representative to the First Continental Congress Georgia
The Minutemen of Massachusetts fought at: Lexington and Concord
These men were considered the culprits in the Boston Tea Party The Sons of LIberty
This event occurred when British soldiers fired on Anti-British demonstrators Boston Massacre
A tax on all legal papers Stamp Act
A tax on Sugar and Molasses Sugar Act
A tax on imports of tea Tea Act
Who negotiated the Treaty of Alliance with the French? Benjamin Franklin
The treaty between the colonies and the French was called the: Treaty of Alliance
The first foreign nation to recognize the independence of the colonies was? France
The commander of the Continental Army George Washington
The principle reason Washington is regarded as a brilliant general He kept his troops from suffering devastating losses by striking and moving
The French provided key military support to the Continental Army at the battle of: Yorktown
The Winter of 1777-1778 was spent by the Continental Army in harsh conditions at Valley Forge, PA
Created by: MerrideeGibson
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