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Chapter 4 and 5 hist

Albany Negotiate a treaty with iroqoius
Ben F Set up a general government which governs relations with iroqoius. Not approved
Creoles White french
Iroqouis Formed relationships with Dutch and England. Unbalanced power
Impressment Forcibly enlisting colonists
Will pitt Brought war under B control
Greenville Thought colonies should help
1763 Can't advance past APP mountains and can't meet NA expectations
Mutiny act Had to quarter soldiers
Acts Stamp Sugar Tiwnshend Tea Able to try accused smugglers, stop issuing paper money, taxed pamphlets Stamps taxed Enter colonial pirts Led to closing of harbors and generated protests (finances)
Patrick henry Burned stamps and repealed acts
2CC Supported war but not it's purpose
Prohibitory Closed colonies to all trades
Common sense by Thomas paine Influenced ideas of U. S king/system blamed
Jefferson Repeated ideas from colonies
John locke Formed to protect life liberty and property (happiness)
Patriots Rejected ideas of a peace that stopped independence
AOC States had the most power Congress had limited power
Loyalists Merchants and wealthy
Created by: Bernadette31