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SC Regions

Review for Quizzes and Unit Test

Which river forms the western border between South Carolina and Georgia? Savannah River
Which states border state of South Carolina? Georgia and North Carolina
How are all the lakes made in South Carolina? They are man made
Which physical features best describe the Coastal Zone? Barrier islands, bays, and sand dunes
Which of the following regions are part of the upcountry? Blue Ridge and Piedmont
Which city started as a city for tourism? Myrtle Beach
Which region has rolling hill, monadnocks and means foot of the mountains? Piedmont
How has the Outer Coastal Plain been effect by physical changes man has made? Swamps have been drained for farmland
Which region has rich soil and a long growing season? Inner Coastal Plain
Why does the Piedmont have red clay? Poor farming practices
What is the climate of South Carolina? Humid Subtropical
Which natural resource was most important to the textile industry? Fast flowing rivers
Which physical feature along the coast led to the industry of trading? Barrier Islands
Which city in South Carolina started a textile industry located on the Reedy River? Greenville
Which natural resource is important to the timber industry? trees
What runs along the eastern part of SC? Atlantic Ocean
What physical feature describes the Blue Ridge? forest, mountain, and waterfalls
What do the Piedmont and inner coastal plain have in common? Crops are grown there
Visiting the beach, golfing and going to the beach are part of what industry? Tourism
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