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8 Rev. War action

8th grade Revolutionary War

What was the "shot heard round the world" The battle of Lexington and Concord
Who won Lexington and Concord Colonists (with hit and run tactics)
How was war declared on England The reps. in 2nd Continental Congress voted for a continental army
Who was in charge of the colonist army George Washington
What was GA's involvement in the 2nd Continental Congress Lyman hall (rep.) voted for army
What were the advantages the colonies had in the war 1.Brilliant commander 2.militia used guerrilla warfare 3.Defending their homes
What were the colonists disadvantages in the war 1.Smaller army 2.No navy 3.All made from scratch
What were the advantages the British had in the war 1.Best army 2.Best navy 3.Many colonists were still loyal
What were the disadvantages the British had in the war 1. 3,000 miles from home 2.News/supplies took time to travel
Who were GA's signers of the Declaration of Independence 1.Lyman Hall (Happy) 2.George Walton (With) 3.Button Gwinnett (Glitter)
Why was Lyman Hall important 1.First GA rep at 2nd continental congress 2.Elected governor and helped found GA
Why was George Walton important 1.Successful lawyer 2.Served in GA military (most successful person) 3.Elected gov. and served in congress 4.Chief just of supreme court
Why was Button Gwinnett important 1.Born in England 2.Important passage of the GA Constitution of 1777 3.Died in duel with Lachlan McIntosh
What were some problems with GA's constitution in 1777 It was a unicameral legislature that gave the governor little power. They usually disagreed on decisions so decisions weren't usually made. Power wasn't in the hands of the people
What happened to GA's constiutuion It was rewritten
How did the British gain control of Savannah The colonists army was too small and poorly armed to fight back
Why did England want to control Savannah Wanted the coast for shipping and movement of goods
Who came back into power during this time Governor James Wright
Who led the Battle of Kettle Creek Elijah Clark
Why was the battle of Kettle Creek important It raised the morale of the colonists
Who was Austin Dabney A slave who fought in place of his master and became a war hero. Thought to be the only black to fight in battle of Kettle creek, so GA paid for his freedom and gave him land
Who was Nancy Hart She captured and killed 5 British soldiers. She is the only woman to have a county in GA named after her
Why was the Battle of Saratoga important 1.Turning point in war (colonists won) 2.Helped convince France and Spain to assist in war effort for independence
What happened at the Siege of savannah French ships and colonial troops were failed and taking Savannah back. England had the city for 3.5 more years and the capital was moved to Augusta
What 2 wars turned the favor of the war for the colonists 1.Battle of Cowpens(SC)- drive British north to Yorktown 2.Battle of Yorktown-British General Lord Cornwallis surrenders
Was the Battle of Yorktown the final battle No, there were minor battles that followed
What general surrendered Lord Cornwallis
What document ended the war Treaty of Paris in 1783
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