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All ya need to know about SOCCER!

When was soccer organized? The 19th century.
Where was soccer organized? England.
How many people to a team? Eleven or more- but only eleven play at once.
How many points does each goal made count for? One point.
How long does a game last? 90 minutes- first half for 45 minutes, second half for 45 minutes.
Are there timeouts? No. Play is continuous unless a player is injured.
Can there be overtime? No, at least not in international matches.
How long is a soccer field? The minimum is 110 yards by 70 yards; the maximum is 120 yards by 80 yards.
What is a forward? A forward plays near the other team's goal and are charged primarily with scoring goals. Forwards playing near the touchlines are called 'wings' while those in the midst of the field are called 'strikers'.
How many forwards on a team? 1 to 3.
What are some characteristics forwards should have? Quick runners, with moderate to strong leg strength. They should also be able to accurately shoot.
What is a midfielder? Also referred to as halfbacks, their primary task is stealing the ball and redirecting it towards the forwards. These players play in the middle of the field.
What are some characteristics midfielders should have? They should be quick on their feet and should have excellent tackling abilities. They need to accurately pass the ball.
What is a defender? A defender, also know as a "fullback", plays near their own teams goal and primarily prevent shots being taken on their goal by an opponent. Their are 3 to 5 defenders per team.
What are some characteristics a defender should have? Defenders should have good leg strength and be able to kick the ball at a far distance.
What is a goalie? Goalies or goalkeepers play in the goal area and stop the ball being kicked by an opponent into the goal. There is only one goalie, they are the only ones who can use hands, and they should wear a different colored jersey so as to be identified easily.
What are some characteristics or a goalie? A goalie should have long legs and be able to clear the zone quickly.
What is a corner kick?
What is a volley?
What is a red card?
Created by: 22mbeach