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MrH Imperialism

US Imperialism Review

What was the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine? Issued by President TR's administration, this document was added on to the Monroe Doctrine and asserted that the US would act as a "police power" and intervene in Latin America affairs when necessary.
What was the spark of the Spanish-American War, leading the U.S to declare war? The explosion of the USS Maine, which was blamed on the Spanish
What is imperialism? It the policy of conquering and ruling over other lands (Flying your flag over other territories)
What factors led the United States to declare war on Spain in the Spanish-American War? Yellow Journalism, Spanish brutality in Cuba, The De Lome letter, and the sinking of the Maine.
What is Yellow Journalism? The publishing of biased, sensational or exaggerated news stories
Who were the Rough Riders? An American Cavalry unit led and organized by Teddy Roosevelt--Led the charge of San Juan and Kettle Hill in the deciding victory in Cub
What does it mean to annex another country? To take control over it. For example, the United States annexed Hawaii.
What was the Boxer Rebellion? Chinese rebels protested the presence and influence of foreigners in their country (Christian missionaries, for example), and they revolted resulting in violence and bloodshed.
Who was William Randolph Hearst? He was a prominent United States newspaper publisher who practiced yellow journalism.
Who was Emilio Aguinaldo? He led the Philippine insurrection (revolt) against United States control of the Philippines.
Who won the Spanish-American War? The United States
What territories did the United States acquire from the Spanish American War? Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guam
What was the "Open Door Policy"? A policy that the U.S declared should be instituted in China so that all countries could share equally in the lucrative Chinese market.
What was the Platt Amendment? It was an act issued by the United States which gave them the right to intervene in Cuba and lease Guantanamo as a naval base.
What was the Bayonet Constitution? The King of Hawaii was forced to sign a document by Hawaiian planters and businessmen that restricted his powers.
What was the African proverb often cited by Theodore Roosevelt? "Speak softly and carry a big stick and you will go far"
After Colombia denied the U.S the right to build the Panama Canal, how was the nation able to go through with it later? The U.S encouraged Panama to revolt from Colombia by providing support and keeping the Colombian forces at bay with the Great White Fleet.
What is Dollar Diplomacy and which president implemented this foreign policy? Using money to further American interests (provide loans, financial aid, and investments) in foreign countries. Howard Taft used this policy.
Who was Joseph Pulitzer? A newspaper journalist who practiced Yellow Journalism
What are three reasons why nations such as Great Britain and the United States practiced imperialism? To find new markets to sell manufactured goods, to gain access to raw materials (Industrialism is in full swing), and to obtain naval bases. Others wanted imperialism in order to become a world power, or to "civilize the uncivilized"
How does the "White Man's Burden" relate to motives for imperialism? It refers to the ideology motive, which essentially suggested that it was the duty of advanced nations to civilize less advanced societies by providing education, building hospitals, and offering new political systems.
Who was the queen of Hawaii who wanted to reestablish Hawaiian independence? Liliuokalani
General Valeriano Weyler Spanish General who was sent to put down the Cuban revolt. He forced Cubans onto concentration camps where thousands died of disease and starvation.
What was General Valeriano Weyler's nickname? The Butcher
What is a sphere of influence? region where a particular country has exclusive rights over the mines, railroads, and trade in another country’s territory.
Who led the Cuban revolt against Spain? Jose Marti
What did Secretary of State John Hay call the Spanish-American War? "A splendid little war"
What were the two fronts of the Spanish-American War? One front was the battle in Cuba, and the second was the fighting by the Philippines
What happened when the United States decided to annex the Philippines following the Spanish-American War? The Filipinos revolted against the United States, which led to a costly war to put down the revolt.
What was the Teller Amendment? This act was passed by U.S. Congress and declared that the United States would NOT take control of Cuba after freeing the country from Spanish control.
Who was Pancho Villa? He was a rebel from Mexico who refused to recognize Mexico's government. He and his men were responsible for raiding the border town of Columbus, New Mexico and killing 17 Americans
Who was John J. Pershing? American General sent to capture Pancho Villa.
Who did the United States purchase Alaska from? Russia -- for $7.2 million
What is an anti-imperialist? someone who is against the policy of imperialism
Who were some key American anti-imperialists? Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, and William Jennings Bryan
Created by: chris22h
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