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8 Causes of Rev. War

8th grade causes of revolution quiz

How did England expand it's land in the New World and what areas were gained They won the french and Indian War, so they got all land east of the Mississippi River and west of the Appalachian Mountains
What king was in power during the Revolutionary War King George III
What were 2 actions of King George III that made colonists angry 1.Proclamation of 1763- couldn't move west 2.Taxation without representation
What does taxation without representation mean The colonists had to pay unfair taxes, but there was no one in Parliament to represent them
Why were the colonists being taxed England was in a lot of debt from the french and Indian war, so they decided to tax the colonists
Why were the colonists angered with the Proclamation of 1763 1.They had fought in the war and didn't get to use the new land 2.British troops stayed to make sure the colonists followed the rules
What was the Stamp Act A tax on all paper products that were commonly used (Ex: newspapers, licenses, playing cards, legal documents)
How did the colonists react to the Stamp Act They tarred and feathered tax collectors and attacked their homes
What eventually happened to the Stamp Act It was repealed
Why was GA not as angry as other colonies 1.Small population 2.Royal Governor James Wright helped keep the peace 3.Strong economic dependence on England
What was the group formed in G to protest the Stamp Act Liberty Boys
What tax replaced the Stamp Act Townshend Acts
What items did the Townshend Acts tax Paper, glass, and color for paints (like indigo)
What event did the Townshend Acts lead to Boston Massacre
What was the Boston Tea Party protesting The Tea Act
What happened at the Boston tea Party Colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped chests of tea into Boston Harbor
What resulted in the Boston Tea Party England placed the Intolerable Acts on the colonists
What were the 4 parts of the Intolerable Acts 1.Boston Harbor was closed until the tea as payed for 2.Colonists couldn't have meetings unless governors agreed 3.Any British official who did a crime in the colonies had a trial in England 4.Quartering Acts
What were the Quartering Acts Colonists had to house and care for British soldiers
Why did the Intolerable Acts backfire 1.Unified colonial leaders (Continental Congress) 2.Colonists decided to boycott England 3.Other 11 colonies pledges military support to Massachusetts if England attacked
Who made the Join or Die cartoon and who wrote common Sense Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine
Which colony was omitted and why Georgia, since it wasn't very active at the time
What are the 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence 1.Preamble 2.List of grievances (complaints) 3.Actual declaration of a free state
What is the preamble Lists the natural rights of all people (life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness)
Created by: 200348345