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8 French&Indian War

8th grade SS French and Indian War test

How is a proprietary colony governed? By trustees
How is a royal colony governed Directly goverened by the king (other 12 colonies)
Who was GA's first royal governor John Reynolds
Why was John Reynolds so popular among colonists He allowed colonists to self-govern themselves by electing officials
Who had most of the say in GA's government Wealthy men with lots of land
Why was John Reynolds taken out of power He went back to governing GA on his own which upset the colonists, so they wrote to the king to complain
Who was GA's second royal governor Henry Ellis
How did Henry Ellis impact GA He allowed self-government and divided GA into 8 parishes (counties)
Why was Henry Ellis taken out of power He left due to health issues caused by the heat
Who was GA's third royal governor James Wright
What are 3 ways James Wright impacted GA 1.Completed the defenses around Savannah by building palisades and forts 2.Allowed farmers to borrow money for more land 3.The Georgia Gazette was started, which was the first newspaper
Which countries had colonies in the New World in 1754 Spain-Florida and Mexico France-Louisiana north to the Great Lakes, with some of Canada England-13 colonies on Atlantic Coast
What 2 things historically cause war Greed-capture the most land in New World and control its treasures Fear-one country would gain more power than the other
Who fought in the french and Indian War Britain, France, and the Indians
Why was it called the French and Indian War Many Indians fought with the French since England to their land
Why were England and France well matched England-most powerful navy in the world France- stronger army
What area in the New World was being disputed and why Ohio River Valley- rich in fur trade
What were 3 significant results of the French and Indian War 1.Britain got Florida from Spain 2.France lost all land in the area 3.Britain was in a lot of debt
Was GA a part of the French and Indian War No
What were 3 ways GA gained from the French and Indian War 1.Treaty of Paris- ended the war and expanded GA's boundary to the Mississippi river 2.Proclamation of 1763- moved GA's southern border to St.Mary's River 3.Water access for shipping, good farmland, and dense forests
Why were colonists angered by the Proclamation of 1763 It forbade colonists to move west of the Appalachian Mountains
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