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History of Europe

Historical Development of Europe Test

Why did the Nazi Party become the largest party in Germany's government? Voters were upset about the state of Germany’s economy.
As a result of the worldwide economic depression, what political party rose to power in Germany? Nazi Party
World War II came to an end when… The United States dropped the atomic bombs on Japan.
Who built the Berlin Wall and why was it built? By the East German government to stop people fleeing from East Berlin to West Berlin.
What was the World War II alliance of Germany, Japan, and Italy called? The Axis Powers
What is nationalism? Pride in your country
How do alliances turn small conflicts into war? Alliances get countries involved that are not directly affected by the conflicts.
How did Prince Henry “the Navigator” get his nickname? (3 reasons) 1. He started a navigational school 2. He funded expeditions that eventually rounded the tip of Africa 3. Great advances in cartography and navigation took place during his reign
At its height, it was said that “the Sun never sets on the British Empire.” What does that mean? Britain controlled vast areas of land that spread across the globe
When Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean, why did he call the people living there “Indians”? He thought he landed in India
Why did the United Kingdom want to create a colony in Australia? To relieve overcrowding in British jails
What was the result of the Russian Revolution? Lenin and the Reds won the revolution, and Russia became communist.
What is anti-Semitism? Discrimination and mistreatment of Jews
What is one major reason the Holocaust is considered a unique event in modern European history? The genocide was planned in great detail and required the cooperation of many people.
What two things did Germany have to do as part of the Treaty of Versailles? Pay war reparations and have a small army
The fall of the Berlin Wall signified … the end of the Cold War
Which European country had the most colonies in the Americas? Spain
What is imperialism? The process of taking over and ruling another country
The _______________ was a race and competition of European countries to gain territory in Africa Scramble for Africa
What best describes what happened to most Eastern European countries immediately after World War II? They… became part of the Soviet Union
What are 3 reasons for the establishment of European overseas colonies? 1. European wanted to spread Christianity to other people 2. European industry needed more sources of raw materials 3. Europeans wanted other markets for selling their goods
What caused the Russian Revolution? 1. Men were dying fighting in WWI 2. People were starving due to lack of food 3. High taxes were paid to help pay for WWI 4. The czar could not fix the problems
Why did the Europeans begin exploring? 1. Wanted access to the sources of Asian goods, such as spices 2. Wanted access to more natural resources 3. Wanted to spread Christianity
Why did the Soviets and Germans have more casualties than other countries in WWII? They had poor leadership (Hitler and Stalin)
Which war do these statements refer to? Holocaust Led to the Cold War Totalitarian governments in Europe World War II
The Treaty of Versailles and the economic worldwide Depression led to what dictator's rise to power? Adolf Hitler
What two countries were in conflict with one another during several events that occurred during the time of the Cold War era? the United States and the Soviet Union
What was a major problem Germany faces during reunification? The people in the West were more advanced with technology than those in the East.
What country influenced many Eastern European countries to join the Iron Curtain? The Soviet Union
Created by: Bailey6ss
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