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Histology 4

Histology Medical Terms Ch. 4

ante- before
con- with
macro- large
mal- bad
peri- surrounding
hypo- below
anteflexion bending forward
antepartom before birth
adrenal gland located above kidney
contralateral pertaining to the opposite side
bilateral to separate apart
apnea condition of no oxygen, no breathing
malaise vague feeling of bodily discomfort
exophthalmos eyeballs that bulge outward
diarrhea watery discharge from colon
metastasis spread of cancerous tumor to secondary organ or tissue
dys- bad
infra- below
pan- all
adductor muscle that carries the limb toward the body
bradycardia slow heartbeat
antisepsis against infection
bilateral pertaining to both sides
congential anomaly irregularity that is present at birth
supra- above, upper
meta- beyond, change
euthyroid normal thyroid function
ectopic pregnancy out of place
hemiglossectomy removal of half the tongue
endotracheal pertaining to within the windpipe
macrocephalic having a large head
infracostal pertaining to below the rips
tachy- fast
syn- together
dyspnea painful breathing
euphoria exaggerated feeling of well being
dysplasia abnormal formation of cels
endometrium membrane that forms inner lining of uterus
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