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ch 2 SS

chapter 2 social studies California Vistas

mountain pass a narrow gap between mountain peaks
source the place where a river begins
tributary a small river that flows into a larger river
volcano an opening in the earth from which hot liquid rock and ash may pour out
erupt release ash and liquid rock
industry all the businesses that make up one kind of good or provide one kind of service
tourist person who travels for the fun of seeing new sights
valley a low area between mountains
fertile has rich soil that produces crops easily
delta where sand and soil are deposited near where the river meets the ocean
erosion wearing away of Earth's surface
agriculture the business of growing crops and raising animals
migrant worker farm workers who move from farm to farm for work
urban large cities
suburban communities located just outside cities
bay an area where the ocean is partly enclosed by land
harbor like a huge parking lot for ships (a kind of bay)
earthquake shaking of the earth
plate large pieces of earth that make up the Earth's surface and are constantly moving and causing earthquakes
fault a crack in the ground where plates meet
adapt changing to suit the environment
technology the use of skills, tools, and machinery to meet people's needs
irrigation the use of ditches and pipes to bring water to dry land
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