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Histology 1

Histology Medical Terms Ch. 1

cardio heart
anthro joint
rhino nose
iatro physician
gnoso knowledge
osteo bone
pedo child
secto cut
-oma tumor
-ic(ical) pertaining to
-scopy visually examining
-y process or condition
lekocyte white blood cell
hematoma mass of blood
auto- itself
endo- within
pro- before
endocrine organs that secrete chemicals directly into blood
enteropathy disease in the intestines
biopsy surgery for proper diagnosis
oncologist treats carcinomas and sarcomas
carcino cancerous
cyto cell
gastro stomach
sarco flesh
bio life
electro electricity
gyneco woman, female
uro urinary tract
-ac pertaining to
-pathy disease condition
-tomy cutting/incision
-ion process
dia- thorough, complete
retro- behind
exo- out
thrombocyte cell that helps blood clot
adeno gland
cerebro cerebrum
crino to secret
erythro red
hemo blood
onco tumor
patho disease
ren/o kidney
-algia pain
-genic pertaining to
-sis state of
an- not
trans- across, through
re- backwards
cephal/o head
cyst/o urinary bladder
enter/o intestines
leuk/o white
nephr/o kidney
psych/o mind
ur/o urine
hemat/o blood
hematoma tumor of the liver
neuralglia nerve pain
cis/o to cut
derm/o skin
encephal/o brain
hepat/o liver
ophthalm/o eye
radi/o x-ray
thromb/o clot, clotting
neur/o nerve
-gram records
-osis abnormal condition
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