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Age of Exploration

Test questions from the age of exploration

What did the Aztecs believe that they needed to give in order to please the Gods? Blood
Who was the "New World" named after? Amerigo Vespucci
Which country's flag did Columbus sail under? Spain
What continent did Columbus always believe that he had made it to? Asia
What kinds of Europeans believed that the Earth was round? Educated
What did engineers build to make more room for the Aztec population and gardens? Artificial Islands
To get to Asia, early trade routes either went over land or on the ocean around which continent? Africa
What kinds of buildings did Catholic priests establish in the South West? Missions
What did the Aztecs invite their enemies to watch Ritual Sacrifice
What did the Aztecs use to build their temples? Volcanic Stone
Which Conquistador destroyed the Aztec Empire? Cortez
Which Conquistador destroyed the Inca Empire? Pizarro
Which Conquistador explored the Southwest and Grand Canyon? Coronado
What are the 3 G's? Gold, God, and Glory
What are the 3 C's Conquer, Colonize, and Convert
What is often true about the maps of the 16th century? The were made up or made bogus claims
Which navigation instrument made all other instruments obsolete? Sextant
What was the biggest cause of death for the native populations? Disease
What item killed Montezuma? A Stone
What term means to travel around? Circumnavigate
What do you call a Spanish Colonist who was born in Spain? Peninsular
What do you call a Spanish Soldier-Adventurer Conquistador
What do you call a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water? Strait
Portugal turned Columbus down likely because they had already explored and set up outposts on which continent? Africa
What were the requests that Columbus made to the King of Portugal? That he be made grand admiral of the ocean, that he be made governor of all lands found, and that he receive one-tenth of all treasure found.
What city now lies where the Aztec capital was? Mexico City
The fall of what city forced Europeans to search for a new route to Asia? Constantinople
Which country did Columbus believe he had landed on? Japan
What did the Aztecs mistake Spanish boats for? Mountains
The Columbian Exchange became a trade of what items? Plants, animals, people, culture, and disease
According to the text book, what might a sailor have to eat if the ship's supplies are low? Biscuits reduced to powder
What kinds of ships did pirates attack? Merchant ships
What is the southern tip of Africa called? Cape of Good Hope
What Columbian Exchange items came from the "Old World"? Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Cows, Sugar Cane, Bananas, Rice, Okra, Wheat, Coffee, Small Pox and Measles.
What Columbian Exchange items came from the "New World"? Cacao, Chicle, Squash, Peppers, Potatoes, Beans, Peanuts, Tomatoes, Tobacco, Corn, Turkey
How did Columbus trick his crew on their first voyage? Look it up: Go to and enter the code myd-1012
Created by: Boone555
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