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US-Last & Greatest

Liberty Video - Last and Greatest Battle of the American Revolution

What crisis overshadowed everything else in the United States? The U.S. was bankrupt
Better the whims of ____?____ than the ignorance and passion of the ___?___ . one man, mob
Shay's Rebellion finally convinced the leaders in America that something had to be done about the... Articles of Confederation
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place? Philadelphia
Who came out of retirement to lend his prestige to the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
The first vote at the Constitutional Convention was a vote to... keep the meetings secret
How many months did the delegates at the Constitutional Convention debate the constitution? Four months
Because the majority of the country was expecting only a revision of the Articles of Confederation, the new Constitution was a... real shock
The great unknown in the debate over the new constitution were the common people who were ___?___ of strong government and didn't like ___?___ . suspicious, paying taxes
Some Anti-Federalists worried that the new national government would reach into ___?___ with the message of give, Give, GIVE!!! people's every day lives
What question were people debating then and people are still debating this today? How powerful the federal government should be
Where was the first "real test" of the new Constitution? Massachusetts
The Federalists had ___?___ for the Anti-Federalists biggest worry that the proposed government will be too big and too powerful. no answer
The Anti-Federalists wanted to know why the new Constitution spelled out the rights of the government, but it didn't have a similar listing... of the basic rights of individuals
What was the name given to this list of basic individual rights? Bill of Rights
What are the three pieces of paper our country is founded on? Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights
Americans celebrated their new Constitution and government because it was the triumph of ___?___ and ___?___. knowledge over ignorance, liberty over slavery
Created by: ColbyHistory