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history the study of the past
cause a person or thing that makes something happen
effect a change that is a result of an action
primary source account of an event from someone who was there
secondary source description of an event from someone who was not there
Age of Discovery time period during which Europeans explored large areas of the world
Marco Polo Venetian who's book about his journey to Asia led many Europeans to want to go there (1254-1324)
Prince Henry the Navigator He encouraged Portuguese navigators to find a water route around Africa to Asia. (1394-1460)
Christopher Columbus objective was to sail west to reach Asia. "discovered" America instead. as a result Europeans began exploring, mapping and settling the Americas.
columbian exchange European plants, animals, diseases, people, and ideas were introduced to the Americas and vice versa.
Bartolomeu Dias Portuguese explorer. first to reach southern tip of Africa-Cape of Good Hope
Vasco da Gama Portuguese explorer. first to sail around Africa and reach Asia (India)
Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand Spanish royalty that financed Christopher Columbus' voyage
Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria names of the three ships used by Christopher Columbus on his expedition to the New World.
four voyages the number of voyages Christopher Columbus made to the Americas in search of Asia.
Spain sent men to the Americas to... explore, conquer lands and people, find gold, build settlements, bring glory to Spain, and spread the Roman Catholic faith.
Orient another term for Asia
Indies (East Indies) islands of southeastern Asia
West Indies islands of Caribbean
Far East eastern Asia
Cathay China
Cipangu Japan
Spice Islands Malaku Islands in the East Indies.
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