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Westward Expansion

Section 4

Native Americans in Retreat Native American life was coming to an end by the 19th century.
Fort Laramie Treaty Government asked NAs to live on limited pieces of land in return for money, tools and goods. NAs promised this land forever.
Pikes Peak Originally NA land, when gold was found settlers rushed in and took over the area. Some NAs fought the settlers, some NA signed a new treaty giving land to settlers.
The Chivington Massacre In rfesponse to NA attacks, Colonel John Chivington brought troops near the Cheyenne tribe. Cheyenne tribe waved the white flag in surrender but troops attacked anyway.
End of the Buffalo The 3 Ds - Disease, drought, destruction of habitat. Settlers killed buffalo for sport/entertainment. NAs continued to hunt for food because of tradition.
Custer's Last Stand When gold was found on the Lakota and Sioux reservation, settlers flooded the land. Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and NAs fought back. General Custer and all his troops were killed.
Nez Perce NA tribe that lived in Snake River Valley. Signed a treaty to stay on land, gold was found and settlers invaded.
Nex Perce Defeat US government tried to move the tribe, the tribe tried to flee to Canada. After a journey of more than 1000 miles, the tribe surrendered to the American govt.
Chief Joseph Leader of the Nez Perce. Stated "I will fight no more, forever." Over half the tribe was killed (450 died out of 800).
Battle of Little Big Horn Custer attacked the Lakota and Sioux reservations. Custer was warned he did not have a chance of winning.
The Apache Wars Apache Indians resisted the loss of their land and fought back.
Geronimo Apache leader who fought the longest. 10 years.
The Ghost Dance NA prayed to the Great Spirit for a return to the times where they ruled; Had to swear off alcohol and violence to participate in the dances, chants and prayers.
Settler Reaction to the Ghost Dance Fear; government banned the ritual.
Sitting Bull Lakota Chief who was killed because the police thought he was behind the ghost dance.
Massacre at Wounded Knee Dec 29th as the NA were prepared to surrender, nervous troops opened up fire and killed nearly 300 NA
Susette LaFlesche Daughter of an Omaha Chief; spoke out against the destruction of the NA way of life.
Helen Hunt Jackson Published a Century of Dishonor. Described broken treaties between US government and NAs.
The Dawes Act Settlers had to live on and improved land for 25 years; settlers had to swear off tradition and customs; NAs not interested bc they did not believe in land ownership.
Created by: Mhoody