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Did they have a government? Yes, it had a kings ,scribes to write laws,governors to rule outlying towns,and a special group of officials to patrol canals.They king led the army too,city-states need an army because they all fought for water and land constantly.
Did they have a stable food supply? Yes, they had complex irrigation systems. They built canals, dams, and reservoirs to water crops. They used a plow as a faster way to plant crops.
Did they have writing? Yes, it was called cuneiform, Sumerians used a wedge-shaped stylus to etch their writing into clay tablets. Fun fact: they were the first to develop a written language.
Did they have the Arts? Yes, There were many artists and craftspeople in Sumer. Metalworkers made weapons,cups,mirrors and jewelry.They had Sumerian architects design temples and ziggurats. They believed music brought joy to people and gods so musicians played many instruments.
Did they have religion? Yes,they all had their own beliefs of gods and goddesses,religion bound them into common life, they showed their beliefs by building temples,religious towers called ziggurats they thought their gods lived in ziggurats,statues were also built.
Did they technology? Yes, their most important invention was the wheel potters used the wheel as a surface for shaping clay into pots. Sumerians discovered if a wheel was flipped onto its edge it could be rolled forward they used the discovery for(farmers) and chariots(army).
Did they have a social structure? Yes,civilizations have complex organization people had different jobs and social structure greater levels have greater status than others.evidence that several classes of people common=farmers(o.k) upper=priests(best) slaves (none)
So were they a civilization? Yes.
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