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English Colonies

Colonies and Colonial regions

region that was the most tolerant and diverse Middle
region that had a large number of slaves Southern
region where the Scots-Irish dominated Backcountry
region where Puritans had power New England
region that had the largest cities Middle
region that depended on fishing and shipbuilding New England
region that included subsistence farmers who grew corn Backcountry
region that was influenced by Quakers Middle
region where planters had power Southern
region that grew tobacco, rice and indigo Southern
region that was called the "Breadbasket colonies" Middle
region where society was organized around Clans Backcountry
region where small towns were important New England
region where people who disagreed with Puritans (dissenters) formed own colonies New England
region(s) that had few slaves and the most rights for women Backcountry or Middle
region that believed in teaching everyone to read New England
region that was mainly Church of England (Anglican) with some Catholics Southern
region where rocky soil made it hard to have large farms New England
region(s) that had few cities and mostly a rural population Southern or Backcountry
region where art was less likely to be practical Southern
colony founded by Thomas Hooker Connecticut
colony founded by William Penn Pennsylvania
colony founded by James Oglethorpe Georgia
colony founded by Lord Baltimore Maryland
colony founded by Roger Williams Rhode Island
colony founded by Puritans Massachusetts
colony that started with the Jamestown settlers Virginia
oldest and most populated colonies Virginia and Massachusetts
colonies with religious tolerance Maryland, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania
colonies started by eight proprietors (owners) South and North Carolina
region that included New York and New Jersey Middle
region that included New Hampshire and Connecticut New England
region that included Georgia and Maryland Southern
region that included the western regions near the Appalachians Backcountry
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