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Middle East History

Test Study Guide

What large empire broke up after World War I? Ottoman Empire
Who drew up the boundaries for the new countries formed after the breakup of this empire. European Politicians
What problems did the new boundaries cause as people found themselves living in newly created countries? Religious/Ethnic Groups were separated. Groups living together did not have much in common.
What is anti-semitism? Hatred of Jews
During World Ward II, six million Jews were killed in what is call: The Holocaust
The scattering of Jewish people throughout the world was call _____. Diaspora
The international movement for the establishment of a Jewish national homeland is known as what? Zionism
Which European country ruled the area of Palestine after the breakup of the Ottoman Empire? Great Britian
Why did many countries in the United Nations feel it was right to create the state of Israel? The Jews has suffered greatly during the holocaust
In what year was the new state of Israel created? 1948
How did Arabs living in Palestine feel about the new state of Israel? They did not support it
Today, a major cause of conflict in Southwest Asia is fighting between which two groups over land? Jews and Palestinians
What is the United States' main economic interest in Southwest Asia? Oil
In what war did Iraq invade Kuwait and international forces joined to help Kuwait? The Persian Gulf War
Why did Iraq invade Kuwait? To gain control of the oil
Which country did Saddam Hussein rule? Iraq
When did terrorists attack the World Trade Center in New York City? 2001
What led the US to bomb and invade Afghanistan in 2001? The US believed the Taliban was offering safety to Osama Bin Laden
A United Nations inspection team was in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, with the purpose to finding and destroying..... WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction)
Why did US go to war against Iraq in 2003? The US believed there were WMD and that the government was offering safety to Osama Bin Laden
Created by: kimward