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Renaissance Vocab

Analyzed To examine or think about carefully
Dante Alighieri A great Italian author who wrote "The Divine Comedy"
Donatello A Florentine sculptor who was one of the first to use a realistic, lifelike style
Florence An Italian city-state and leading cultural center during the Renaissance
Intense Strong effect or feeling, extreme
Leonardo da Vinci A famous Renaissance artist, scientist, and inventor
Michealangelo A Renaissance artist, renowned for his painting and sculpture
Niccolo Machiaveli A Renaissance statesman and historian who wrote "The Prince"
Secular Relating to earthly life rather than to religious or spiritual matters
Texture The way a surface looks and feels
City-States An independent state consisting of a city and its surrounding territory
Classical Art Influenced by the styles and techniques of ancient Greece and Rome.
Contrast A strong difference between two or more things
Currency The form of money used in a country
Emphasis Special importance
Humanism Philosophy that tries to balance religious faith with an emphasis on individual dignity and an interest in nature and human society
Humanities collectively, areas of study that focus on human life and culture, such as history, literature, and ethics
Individualism The belief of the importance of an individual's achievements and dignity
Renaissance Rebirth- Born again
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