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3 CA Euro. History

WWI, Russian Rev., WWII, Cold War

During the Cold War, which European country had the least political freedom? Poland
What are the Romance languages? French, Spanish, Italian
What are the Germanic languages? English and German
What is an example of a Slavic language? Russian
What were the underlying forces that led to WW1? militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism
How did alliances contribute to the start of WW1? countries felt very loyal to alliances, so when one country had a conflict with another, it led to allied countries having conflicts with other allied countries
How did nationalism contribute to the start of WW1? the way to prove that your country was the best was through war, many nation-states also sought independence
The economic depress?ion following WWI caused disillusionment with ___________________ capitalism
Who were the members of NATO throughout the Cold War? Great Britain, Greece, Turkey
How did imperialism contribute to World War I? Imperialism contributed to WWI; the amount of land that Britain and France owned led to a rivalry with Germany (who wanted colonies in Africa, too.)
The WARSAW Pact formed because of the _____ North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Who were the members of the WARSAW Pact? Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Soviet Union, Albania, Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia.
The majority of EU citizens follow which religion? Catholic Christianity
Who were the 2 World Powers following WWII? The Soviet Union and the United States
Which event occurred first during the Age of Exploration? Bartolomeu Dias sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, Ferdinand Magellan's ship sailed around the world, Columbus landed in the Bahamas, or da Gama sailed from Portugal to India Barolomeu Dias sailed around the Cape of Good Hope
What contributed to the outbreak of WWI? The Industrial Revolution
What caused Russia to withdraw from WWI? The Russian Monarchy was overthrown
How did the NAZI party gain power in Germany in the 20s and 30s? economic problems after WWI
How did reunification of Germany lead to the demise of the USSR? After German reunification, the USSR collapsed= NO MORE COMMUNISM. The USSR became Russia again and democratic nations were established.
Created by: ssha13
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