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Civil War Test

5th Grade Civil War Study Guide

What were the two main issues that people from the North and South disagreed on? tariffs & slavery; states rights
After the invention of the cotton gin, what did people in the South buy more of? land and slaves
Before the Civil War, were there more factories in the North or the South? North
Before the Civil War, were there more farms in the North or the South? South
Why was slavery important to the South? Production of cotton
How did tariffs help the North? Imported goods were more expensive than local goods.
What types of people were abolitionists? Free white and black men and women
Name three abolitionists that were once slaves. Fredric Douglas, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman
What did people do to help the abolitionist movement? Wrote and spoke against slavery.
Where did the Underground Railroad lead? North, Canada, Mexico, Florida, Caribbean.
Who supplied most of the money for 'The Liberator' and the Underground Railroad? American Anti Slavery Society
What did the North want to do about the slavery? Make it illegal and abolish it
What was 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' about? Cruelty or slavery
Why did John Brown attack the Army post? Start a slave rebellion
What did the Supreme Court decide in the Dred Scott case? Slaves were property with no rights
What did the Fugitive Slave Law require people to do? Return runaway slaves to slavery/owners
Where did Abraham Lincoln grow up? Did he go to school? He grew up on a farm and did not attend school
What did Lincoln believe about slavery? Slavery was wrong
Why did the South leave the Union? To protect the rights to own slaves.
How did the Civil War begin? Confederate soldiers attacked Fort Sumter.